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What are the cons of living in an apartment?

Thousands and millions of people live in an apartment around the world. The majority of the people rent the place because it is not easy to pay a hundred thousand and millions of money at a time to buy a place. Thus, there are many advantages of living in apartments but there are disadvantages of living in JBR luxury apartments or low-rise apartments. Some of them are:

  1. No control: If you have rented an apartment then you have no control over your apartment because your landlord can visit it at any time for inspection and give you a list of rules to follow that have to be followed by hook or by crook. Many times, you are not even allowed to paint the place according to your taste because your dear landlord has the right to choose and select. 
  2. Stubborn neighbors: No doubt, humans are social animals. They crave for making bonds but the majority of the buildings have unruly neighbors. In most of the cases, your tenants are your neighbors which means that you have to bear the pain every other day because of their stubbornness and dictatorships. Hence, the building will only be peaceful when their laws are followed.
  3. Leasing issues: A landlord gives contractual agreement to the renter, called lease. The agreement has numerous rules and guidelines. The renter is required to sign it and pay rent to him or her on time. The tenants irritate renters on leasing issues if any of their tiniest guidelines are not followed. In many cases, they have the right to ask you to leave the place at any time which also creates problems. Besides, there are risks of having increment in the rent upon renewal and you cannot even say a word to them not to increase it. 
  4. No ownerships: Whether you pay rents on time or pay extra money than rent, you would not get any one of the facilities that owners enjoy. You have to bear the tenant’s attitudes all the time. It is the tenants who own the place and can do what they want you to do. You cannot demand to give you the freedom to paint according to your desires. You cannot claim them that you own half of the house because you pay rent. 

So, if you are planning to look around townhouses for sale in Dubai to live there, then do not take decisions instantly. Take some time to think and then decide.