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Facts About Rolls Royce

There are a few types of car lovers, one that like all kinds of cars and one that like only specific kind of car that makes them the king of the road and there are car lovers who like specific cars and they call themselves the king of the cars but there are some car lovers who like only one car and they call themselves the legend and those cars can be afforded by the ones who are actually legends. If you are wondering what kind of car that could be, well this is the kind of car that are made on demand and only 10,000 of their units are made annually and that car is called the Rolls Royce. As obvious from the name, this car is made to roll for the royals and the we all know what royalty can afford and there is no word like nothing that they cannot afford.

Did you know that you can actually rent a Porsche boxter in Dubai and you must be thinking that you can rent this car as well, well this is where you are wrong, because you don’t rent a rolls Royce, you actually hire a Rolls Royce in Dubai! Renting a rolls Royce will seem and even sound like an insult to the car since it is royal car and it must be given a good amount of respect. And just like everything around has some amazing facts, this car has its amazing list of facts as well. The first fact is about its age, the age of the company, this company is more than a hundred years of age because the first rolls Royce was manufactured in 1904 and since then they have made their policies strict and straight, like the manufacturing of the specific number of cars in a year.

Did you know even the earliest rolls Royce was very fast? If you are thinking how then know this that the first rolls Royce has 10 horsepower and has 1.8 liters of fueling tank and it had a side exhaust system as well. Which gave this car an amazing look which no other car had at that time. And it also had a camshaft and a three-bearing crank which means that from then to till date, this car is said to be the longest running car.